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You Save Money Free Tee Shirt With Improved Colors

Saves You Money with Circular Economy Using Tee Shirts
Circular Economy Using Fashion

According to The Carbon Almanac, there was news from France last week in the “fight against fashion waste.” 

France has taken another step forward in the circular economy by introducing the ‘Repair Fund’, aimed at encouraging French consumers to mend their clothes and shoes rather than discarding them when they show signs of wear and tear.

A significant amount of fashion waste can be removed just by repairing clothing.

Considering that globally 92 million tons of textiles go to landfills every year. France decided to do their part in creating an initiative to inspire the French to preserve and repair their garments. 


Let’s say you take it one step further, learning to create beautiful designs and patterns with your dark-colored or black tee shirts. I changed the dates so that more people can attend the class. 


The date is Saturday, July 22, 2023, at 12 pm; the class: Reverse Dyeing, the price of $75, gives you knowledge about cellulose fabric and bleach. Cellulose fabric is cotton, linen, and viscose rayon. When you add bleach to a black tee shirt in a certain way, you end up with a newly created and fashionable tee shirt. 


You will get hands-on experience with fiber-reactive dyes. Learning these new techniques will allow you to transform your wardrobe for summer and fall. 


All the dye and tools will be supplied. I ask that you bring a black tee shirt, one that fits you well and is ready to be changed for the season. 

I hope to see you soon, and have a wonderful weekend! 


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